The below are the results from the survey which was run from 19th – 28th May.

Following consultation between The 1958 and TRA, we agreed that we should both run an identical survey to gauge the level of feeling from our fanbase regarding the upcoming vote being taken by all Premier League clubs to either keep, or scrap VAR for the 24/25 season.

We kept the surveys very simple in order to avoid any ambiguity relating to possible future iterations of VAR that currently either do not exist or are not available as including this option would almost certainly allow for Clubs to favour keeping VAR, under the guise of promising to review its effectiveness at some time in the future.

Our two surveys polled 6000 supporters and the results clearly demonstrate that it is the overwhelming view that The Club should vote to scrap VAR next season.

There are slight differences between the two surveys, with The 1958’s understandably including more votes from non-match goers (almost 3 times as many), however the figures of 84.6% and 95.9% in favour of The Club voting to scrap VAR indicates a consensus for the vast majority of supporters, regardless of how they choose to support The Club.

Prior to any public announcements regarding the surveys, we contacted MUST to suggest our groups work together to discuss how a powerful, unified message could be delivered to The Club on behalf of our members and United supporters everywhere.

Unfortunately, this has not proven possible.