This statement is on behalf of

  • The 1958
  • The Red Army
  • Fans Against VAR
  • all independent supporters groups & football fans who feel that VAR is killing the game

All Premier League clubs will soon vote on whether to scrap VAR.

We believe that whilst there may be an argument for a future system that delivers an automated and instantaneous decision directly to the referee, any vote by Clubs regarding VAR or a system based on VAR, must be against its continuation or introduction.

These are the reasons why:

  • VAR was not asked for by the Fans 
  • The Fans we were not consulted
  • VAR is not wanted by the vast majority of Fans
  • VAR is not needed

Beyond these facts though, the real damage that VAR has inflicted upon the game is that fans are no longer able to celebrate a goal in the same manner that they were able to before VAR was imposed upon us. Without this intangible but powerful emotion attached to supporting a Club, many of us will continue to fall further out of love with the ‘beautiful game’ and ultimately, may walk away forever.

We therefore urge that whilst the opportunity exists to influence The Club’s vote, you join us in imploring them to vote YES to scrapping VAR. We will ensure that your voice is heard at the very highest level of The Club and will continue to remind them that we, the independent fan groups and supporters, stand firmly against VAR and expect The Club to stand alongside us and not to vote against the wishes of us all